JCSO: Teen Admits To Attempted Break-In To Retrieve Wallet

Two Johnston County teenagers were arrested Thursday morning after they allegedly tried to break into Clubhouse at the Cleveland Crossings Apartments near the I-40 / NC42 interchange.

Around midnight a concerned citizen called 911 after witnessing two people reportedly walk up to the Clubhouse and one of the suspects attempt to break through a window.

When officers with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) arrived the suspects had already gone.

While patrolling through the apartment complex, officers said 18 year-old Terry Tristan Stancil walked up to the deputy’s cruiser and confessed to the attempted break-in. Stancil reportedly told the officer he had left his wallet inside the gym and was trying to retrieve it.

A second suspect, Wilberto Enrique Alarcon, 18, was also charged with the incident.

Damage to the window was estimated at $100.

Both men were released on a $500 bond.