Expired: 12 Pounds Of Marijuana Mailed To Smithfield Address

Two people were quickly arrested Friday afternoon after a box containing 12 pounds of marijuana was delivered to an apartment in Smithfield.

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office was able to intercept the shipment being sent from an undisclosed location through a national courier service to an apartment in the 200 block of West Davis Street.

An undercover officer dressed in the courier uniform delivered the package. Other agents moved in quickly to detain a man and woman who were inside the apartment.

Antonio Ocampo Rodriquez, 40, of W Davis Street, Smithfield and Amalia Munguia Valdovinos, 46, of Moreno Valley, CA were charged with trafficking marijuana and conspiracy to traffic a controlled substance.

The drugs had an estimated street value of $24,000.

Both suspects were confined in the Johnston County Jail under a $200,000 bond.