JCPS Applies For $150 Million State Construction Grant


Johnston County Public Schools has applied for a $150 million grant from the State of North Carolina to pay for 11 renovation and expansion projects. On Monday, JCPS Chief of Facilities and Construction Brooks Moore appeared before Johnston County Commissioners for approval to apply for the grant.

A local match of 15 percent is required if the grant is awarded. JCPS asked the County to pay the 15 percent matching portion. School officials don’t believe the entire grant will be awarded but is optimistic one or more of the projects could be funded.

The proposed projects include:

  • Cleveland High – 24 classroom addition –  $17,460,000
  • Smithfield-Selma High – Expanding original 1967 auditorium – $9,450,000
  • Cooper Academy – Demolish and reconstruction a new classroom building – $30,000,000
  • Cleveland Middle – 16 classroom addition – $10,500,000
  • Benson Elementary – 12 classroom addition – $9,460,000
  • Four Oaks Middle – 18 classroom addition – $14,250,000
  • Corinth Holder Elementary – 10 classroom addition – $7,780,000
  • Princeton Elementary – 12 classroom addition – $11,000,000
  • Four Oaks Elementary – Demolish skylight assemblies and construct metal roof retrofit – $5,775,000
  • East Clayton Elementary – Demolish skylight and construction metal roof retrofit – $7,180,000
  • Clayton High – Modernize 221,227 square feet classroom areas, replace HVAC units, bathroom expansion, ADA accommodations, asbestos abatement – $27,625,000

Commissioner Fred Smith made a motion to approve the matching grant request. Commissioner Ted Godwin seconded the motion which was approved unanimously.

The State will announce April 12, 2022 which school systems qualify for grant funds. 


  1. Have we forgot that the school board had over $104 million dollars of Federal Covid-19 money that had to be spent by 2024 or lose it? So now the school board wants another $22 million dollars from the parents and tax payers of Johnston County to get another $150 million from the federal government? ATTENTION SCHOOL BOARD CANDIDATES!!! These money drunk incumbents of the school board are handing you all the material to unsest them with right here !!!

    • Terry, The Covid money and all federal money are very specific on what it can be used for. It’s not like they can build a new school with that money or renovate schools. It’s not as simple as some people make it out to be. State funds also have restrictions and have to be spent on specific areas. It would not surprise me if millions of dollars in Covid money go unspent because school systems can’t actually use it.

      • Ms. Jenna are you telling me that none of the $104 million dollars is being spent by these socialist democrats that wants to spend so far into the future budgets that nothing will be worth to even run for a public office? We are spending several future generations money. Public School is on the bank account but no one will ever audit this account because they are so far off limit to anyone. Ms. Jenna just open your mind and think of what would be found if this $100’s of $100’s on top of more $100’s of million of dollars could be line item audited and audit the ledger to balance? Ms. Jenna, $180-Kay-Carroll campaigned to get elected by braging about the experience he would bring back and by having a attorney sue for school board records in a very public way. After elected what did we find out because of Ronald Johnson? $180-Kay-Carroll wanted a close session meeting to make a back door payment to our old School Superintendent Dr. Parker for $180,000.00. Ms. Jenna, please come back with a response and make me feel as if I wished I never had made these foolish point of view.

        • Terry, your argument is all over the place and no one said they were not using the money. If you were a little more rational, you’d probably learn that we would agree in a lot of areas including K Carroll’s greedy deal behind closed doors. However, the economics of government is not the over simplification you make it out to be.

  2. Mom’s,Dad’s and Tax Payers we have three school board seats open this next election and the best chance we will ever have at ridding this school board of a few Woke, Gender Pushing, Race Baiting, Free Money Burning, Liberal Progressive Socialist-Communist Democrats that has paraded around as RINO’s is to have a successfull high voter turnout candidate such as Ronald Johnson stepup and identify three candidates that are worthy in helping him fight to save our schools, otherwise we are wondering into the polling place and trying our best to pick the lesser of evil? I think we all have some buyer’s remorse from our last school board election pick’s using this option? It is not only Ronald Johnson that is letting our kids, parents and taxpayers down by not helping rid our school board of these miserable failures, our sheriff Steve Bizzell and register of deeds Graig Olive all have the ability to show support for three candidates together that can rid this school board of all these socialist democrats and say yes here is our new team!! I just don’t see a organized political path going on at this time to save the precious children, do any of you?

  3. You know, if the dollar was worth more than it was, they’d require less of them to achieve this. But hey, we all took the hand outs and no one refused them.

    • I would have but to refuse you had to submit the front and back of your drivers license and a facial recognition… not really giving me the warm fuzzies to submit that over the internet to the government. Oh and both me and my husband had to do it to opt out for our kids when we file joint.

  4. What I find interesting is the growing need for more classrooms, who have to have teachers. This uncontrolled growth in this county is costing way more than any tax revenue. Schools, police, fire, roads all are costing the tax payers not growing revenue. While I respect all of our county commissioners ( even the ones whose family is a developer) , they need to start looking at the cost these subdivisions are costing.

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