3 Charged With Vandalizing Vehicle

Barrets-Kornegay-Roberts-Mugshots-FIThree people were arrested Saturday after they allegedly vandalized a SUV in the driveway of a home in the Cleveland community. Deputies said the incident happened at a home on Halle Court.

Johnston County deputies three suspects wrote graffiti on the victim’s vehicle and left in two cars. The cars were spotted a short time later in the parking lot of the Waffle House on Highway 42 near I-40. Three suspects were located inside and during questioning allegedly confessed to the damage.

Adrien Michael Barrette, 20, of Belve Drive, Garner, Alston Alexander Kornegay, 19, of Carrington Drive, Garner, and Logan Hunter-Jay Roberts, 17, of Carrington Drive, Garner were charged with injury to property. All three suspects were given a $1,000 bond.

Deputies said Barrette was the ex-boyfriend of the victim.