3 Month-Old On Life Support, Father Charged With Abuse

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MIDDLESEX – A 3 month-old is in critical condition and his father is in the Johnston County Jail facing felony abuse charges. Around 11:40pm Tuesday, the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office responded to Wake Medical Center in Raleigh after the infant arrived in the emergency department suffering from life threatening injuries.

Authorities said they determined the infant had been shaken causing critical injuries.

The infant’s father, Andrew Chance Weckesser, age 27, of Reams Drive, Middlesex, a Johnston County address, was arrested Wednesday and charged with felony intentional child abuse causing serious physical injury. Weckesser is being held on a half million dollar secured bond in the Johnston County Jail.

At last report, the baby is on life support and in critical condition at Wake Medical Center.


  1. Prayers for the baby.. Shame on the father. There are 3 things you do not mess with…
    #1 Elderly People
    #2 Children
    #3 Animals
    All three of those are helpless when it comes to some abusing them. Makes me so mad!!! I will stand up for any of the of those 3 without a doubt if something is being done to them in front of me!!

  2. Lifers have an attitude and a solution when it comes to child abuse. If convicted, hopefully this POS will share a cell with one of those lifers.

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