3 People Charged In Princeton Burglary

Three people are facing felony charges after allegedly being caught breaking into a rental home in the 9200 block of Highway 70 East near Princeton.  It happened around 12:30pm Monday.

Charles Edward Haddock reported that he was driving by a vacant rental he owned and saw a car in the driveway. Haddock told Johnston County deputies he stopped to check on his property and located three people, including one person who was inside.  The suspect reportedly told Haddock he had permission to be there from the property owner.  A second suspect also told Haddock “the man” had given them permission to be at the address.

The suspects jumped in their car and sped across the front yard fleeing on US 70.  Haddock was able to take a photo of the license plate of the vehicle as it fled.  A deputy responding to the call located the vehicle a short time later. They allegedly claimed they were looking a place to rent.

Deputies said they recovered a miter saw valued at $200 the suspects had removed from the home and left in the front yard.  A belt sander and drop cord valued at $150.00 were not recovered.  Multiple copper lines in the home had been cut but had not yet been removed when the suspects were startled by the property owners arrival.

Nelson Eddie Warren, 60, of Davis Mill Road, Selma; Kyonta Laceperea Atkinson, 16, of James Street, Princeton; and Kendra Franchon Bodrick, 32, of James Street Princeton, were charged with felony breaking and entering, larceny, and conspiracy.

Bodrick was also served with outstanding warrants for failing to appear in court on one count of possession of stolen property and two counts of larceny.

Warren was confined in the Johnston County Jail under a $40,000 bond.  Bodrick was given a $20,000 bond on the break-in related charges plus an additional $2,000 bond for the failure to appear warrants. Atkinson was held under a $5,000 bond.