3 Teens Face 113 Charges After Rash Of Dunn Break-Ins

A rash of car break-ins and thefts ended at Chelsea Apartments with the recent arrest of three teens.

Dunn police say the juveniles, aged 13 to 16, vandalized a dozen cars in one night, stealing anything they could find.

“If people left their cars unlocked they would rifle through their car, find anything of value like loose change or loose money,” Lt. Jimmy Page said. “There were also a few firearms that were stolen as well. There’s so many items stolen, we don’t even know the total value of what they took right now.”

The three teens were caught when they returned to Chelsea Apartments where they had left their bicycles as they fled from police.

“They hit 12 cars in one night at Chelsea Apartments,” Page said. “They were seen by people and they ran leaving their bikes. When they came back, people saw them around there trying to find their bikes and called law enforcement. Patrol officers caught them and took them back to the station.”

As a result of the investigation, detectives linked the three juveniles to a rash of property crimes which have taken place over the last 30 to 45 days, Page said.

The teens were riding their bicycles along city streets, shaking car door handles, according to police. If one was unlocked, the three would open the door and grab whatever valuables were available.

If they saw something of higher value and wanted to take it, Page said they would smash the windows to retrieve the items.

The trio, which has since been released to the custody of their parents, were also implicated in an attempted break-in at Gunner’s Choice Outfitters, 106 Carolina Drive. They were unsuccessful, Page said.

In total, 62 felony charges of burglary or breaking and entering and 51 misdemeanor charges including larceny from a motor vehicle and damage to property resulted in a total of 113 petitions to juvenile courts.

The petitions cleared a total of 18 open cases involving 36 victims, Page said.

“It appears right now, they will be charged in juvenile court,” Page said. “But that can always change in the course of things.”

-Dunn Daily Record