7 Dogs, 1 Cat Seized During Animal Cruelty Investigation

Resident Charged With 8 Counts Of Animal Cruelty

A total of 8 animals were seized from a Johnston County home this morning (Wednesday)  after a neighbor called the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office reporting possible animal neglect.

Around midnight, deputies said they were called to a Selma area home after a neighbor said a mixed breed female dog came up to their home. The dog was underweight with its ribs showing and was so weak from the lack of food and water it struggled to stand.

Deputies said they went to the nearby home of 46 year-old Robbie Alan Moreno on Raspberry Circle but could not find anyone there.  Neighbors reportedly told officers than Moreno only came home once every several days and that he was staying elsewhere.

The deputy looked in a window and saw 3 or 4 malnourished dogs barking and standing on a bed covered in animal feces.  Johnston County Animal Services was contacted but animal control said they would not respond until later.

After the officer left the scene, Moreno returned home a short time later.  Deputies returned and after speaking with Moreno were able to enter the home.

Inside, deputies said they found 7 dogs and 1 cat, all in poor health, suffering from apparent neglect including no source of water and not enough food. One Chihuahua had reportedly been left alone in a room and was near death. Animal control was contacted a second time and responded. They took the Chihuahua to an emergency veterinarian. At last report, the Chihuahua was in critical condition.

Deputies said the entire home including beds, chairs and a couch were covered in animal feces. Some of the feces had been in the home so long mold was beginning to grow on it.

Moreno was arrested at the scene this morning and charged with 8 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty. He posted a $3,500 bond a short time later and was released from custody.