73 Year-Old Man Scammed

A 73 year-old Johnston County man said he was scammed out of $2,390.  It happened on January 15th at his Cleveland area home. 

The victim said he received a telephone call from a person claiming to be an Amazon associate.  The fraudster said he was calling to refund $200 to the man and needed his debit card information.  The scammer claimed he needed remote access to the victim’s computer and walked him through the process of downloading a computer software program to gain access.

The scammer claimed he was going to transfer the $200 to the victim’s bank account but instead the man watched as the suspect removed $1,400 from his bank account, then another $990.  Altogether, $2,390 was removed from his bank account.

The victim did not notify law enforcement until February.  A detective with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office has been assigned to the case.   


  1. I am a scambaiter and this breaks my heart!! Please, please, please people, talk to everyone you know about these scams. Show them youtube videos from Kitboga, ScammerPayback, Jim Browning, Hoax Hotel or any of the other scambaiters. The scammers are not going to stop stealing people’s money until people stop falling for their scams!!

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