Accused Drug Dealer Caught At Courthouse With Narcotics, JCSO Says

A man who has been under investigation since 2017 for selling narcotics was arrested Thursday afternoon after showing up at the Johnston County Courthouse.

A deputy working security at a metal detector reported that a man was attempting to enter the courthouse, and as standard procedure was asked to remove any metallic objects from his pockets and place them in a plastic bin before walking through the detector.

Officials said Raymond Deangelo Brown, 28, placed several items, including a small bag of marijuana, in the plastic bin before walking through.  The officer then conducted a search of Brown and located another bag, this one containing about 7 grams of crystal methamphetamine.

Johnston County Sheriff’s Captain Jeff Caldwell said Brown has been under investigation since 2017 and had previously sold narcotics to undercover drug agents. Officials don’t know why Brown was at the courthouse.

Brown, who has an address on Deer Tracks Drive, Wendell, was charged with 10 felony drug violations for the narcotics he had at the courthouse along with offenses stemming from the undercover purchases.

Brown was booked in at the Johnston County Jail under a $330,000 bond.