Amtrak Passenger Arrested By Selma Police

SELMA – Police officers arrested a passenger who had been on a southbound Amtrak train that pulled into the Selma Train Depot.

Selma Police said they were dispatched August 16 to the Depot to meet an arriving Amtrak train with an unruly passenger on board. Nakia Thigpen, 47, of Chester, Pennsylvania reportedly told officers he had missed his stop in Wilson and his bags had been misplaced.

While speaking with Thigpen, a suspected “crack pipe” fell from his backpack. An officer attempted to detain Thigpen but he reportedly resisted arrest.

After being handcuffed, police said they located 13.4 grams of suspected fentanyl inside a fanny pack.

Thigpen was charged with trafficking a controlled substance and given a $10,000 bond at the Johnston County Jail. No injuries were reported.


    • Al, I’m certainly glad they did whatever they needed to do to stop this guy who had 13 grams of fentanyl.

  1. This is what’s messed up. Fentanyl is #1 drug that is killing people in Nc a drug that is deadly. And they only gave him a 10,000 bond. This makes me sick. Children is getting hold of these pills. Young mother’s die. It’s very said. People with weed get higher bonds most of the time.

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