Animal Cruelty Charge Filed After Puppy Left In Hot Car

SMITHFIELD – A 19 year-old woman has been charged with animal cruelty after police said she left a puppy in a hot car at UNC Johnston Health in Smithfield.

On June 17th around 3:20pm, with afternoon temperatures in the 90’s, police allege Juliya Jones of Durham left a puppy inside her car while she went inside the hospital to visit a patient. Police said the car was turned off and the windows were only rolled down slightly.

A concerned citizen noticed the puppy had been in the car for approximately 30 minutes and was in obvious distress and notified police.

The Smithfield Fire Department and Police Department responded. Police said a fire department heat sensor indicated elevated temperatures inside the vehicle. The puppy was removed from the car and cooled.

Jones was cited for misdemeanor animal cruelty and released at the scene pending a July 21 court appearance. The puppy was returned to her at the scene.


  1. Seriously!? If they don’t have common sense to know that you can’t leave a dog in a hot car, they don’t deserve to own a dog! Returned to her, wow just wow!

  2. Some people shouldn’t own pets. Just like some people shouldn’t have kids and some people shouldn’t own guns

  3. The punishment should be the criminal is to be looked up in the same car at the same temperature and be blocked from owning any pet.

    I am glad someone reported it and the police came at least. I once called the Raleigh PD about a similar situation outside Costco and waited but they never came even after I called back. Dispatcher told me it was illegal for me to bust out their window. Finally the owner came back to the car just as the poor dog had collapsed inside. Looking back now I would/should have just busted out the window and saved the poor dog. Still mad at myself for not doing that, and da*n the consequences..

  4. If only we cared half as much about our fellow humans being murdered under the auspices of ‘my body, my choice’

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