Auto Parts Employee Accused Of Stealing Merchandise

An employee at a local auto parts store was fired from his job and arrested after he allegedly confessed to stealing $1,657.35 in merchandise over a four month period.

The incident was first reported last month at Advance Auto Parts at 1437 S. Pollock Street in Selma.

Selma Police allege a former employee, Timothy Craig Broughton, 28, of Grayson Lane, Clayton, reportedly confessed saying he was behind on his bills and living paycheck to paycheck.  He reportedly admitted to taking numerous items from Advance Auto at closing time including oil, brake pads, $3.98 shop towels, tire shine, engine emission stabilizer, brake fluid, a $133 radiator fan and a $232 battery.

He also claimed the items were stolen for friends who were suppose to pay him back so he could return the money to the store but never did.

The thefts occurred between January and April.

Police went to Broughton’s home and recovered a small quantity of the stolen items.

Broughton was charged with felonious larceny by an employee. He was given a $10,000 bond.