Baby Found In Motel Room With Meth Lab

This sign on a Dunn motel room indicates a meth lab was found inside. The room was condemned and the SBI was called in for cleanup. Dunn Daily Record Photo

Three people have been arrested following the discovery of a meth lab in a Dunn motel room in which a 4-month-old was present.

Arrested were Christopher Ray, 28, and Jessica Midyette, 28, both of the Seven Day Inn, Dunn, and William Wright, 38, of Linden.

The discovery was made after Dunn Police officers were summoned to the Seven Day Inn located at 700 E. Cumberland St. Sunday morning at 6:30. Officers were called following reports of a woman screaming and a baby crying.

When the officers got there, they met with Mr. Ray who was living there. Mr. Ray was told why the officers were there and he “stated that everything was OK at that location and invited officers inside the room to check for themselves,” according to a press release.

Once inside the room, officers saw Ms. Midyette and a 4-month-old baby lying on the bed.

Officers reported smelling a chemical odor associated with manufacturing meth. The officers began to clear out the room and found Mr. Wright in the bathroom with several bottles of liquid, one of which contained a blueish crystal-like substance, according to a press release.

The narcotics unit was called in and confirmed there was a meth lab inside the room.

The child was taken to Betsy Johnson Hospital to be checked out due to the exposure to the chemicals. The Department of Social Services was called about the baby.

The SBI was contacted and the scene was turned over to that agency for cleanup. The room at the Seven Day Inn was condemned.

The three were arrested and charged with manufacturing meth and possession of meth as well as other charges. The case is still open and other charges are pending, according to a press release.

Ms. Midyette’s bond was set at $200,000 and she is in the Harnett County Jail. The other two suspects, Mr. Wright and Mr. Ray, are listed as inmates at the Harnett County Jail, but there was no bond listed for either suspect. Story by The Daily Record