Benson Author Releases Her First Work

BENSON – Benson author Barbara Crowley recently released her first work, Liberty’s Scrapbook, written for a teen-to-adult audience. Liberty was a well-traveled multi-toed (polydactyl) feline who retells his life story with remarkable wit and candor.

One-third photo album, two-thirds cat-autobiography, the entire book is guaranteed to elicit laughs.

Don’t like cats? Crawley says reading Liberty’s Scrapbook will change your mind. Follow the irreverent feline as he relates the pre-history of his siblings, his adoption in New Jersey, and his life as an unwilling participant in several relocations to different states.

This sassy, well-traveled stray shares a house with two humans, three ordinary cats, and four pet birds. Liberty is sure to win your heart for keeps. Liberty’s Scrapbook will convince even the most strident cat-hater that this was one cool cat.


“Then I started conversing with two foreign kitties living in Condo #17. Siamese cats (which, thankfully, I am NOT) are known for being talkers. I could not get a meow in edgewise, so I had to WAIL over them just to be heard. The three of us kept a lot of condo residents up those nights.  I’m not going to apologize for my behavior.”

While a cat autobiography may not be the first book of its kind, this irreverent feline was unique because he had an outsized personality matched only by his unusual thumbs. The author includes photographic evidence of Liberty grasping an unlit cigarette.

Crowley has spent a lifetime of creative writing for pleasure. She has written humorous poems for fun and profit. Liberty’s Scrapbook is her debut novel.  When not reading or gardening, Ms. Crowley spends much of her time volunteering for adult literacy. She shares her home with an elderly cat in Benson, North Carolina.

Liberty’s Scrapbook is available through Amazon at $5.99 as an eBook or $6.99 in paperback. Local outlets interested in carrying the book may contact Ms. Crowley at