Benson Man Arrested After Violent Confrontation

Police say he kicked pregnant sister, spit on and punched cops

A Benson man was jailed after a family argument turned violent and led to several violent outbursts directed at police and family members.

Around 8:30pm on July 9th Benson Police officers were dispatched to a residence on Main Street.

When they arrived they found Danny Ray Lynn, 22, being restrained by family members.

According to reports provided by the Benson Police Department, Mr. Lynn became intoxicated and turned violent toward his family — including kicking his pregnant sister in the stomach — while consistently yelling profanity at both his family and police and later EMS workers.

When Benson Officer Erin Sinclair and Sgt. William Brown arrived, they were told by a family member Mr. Lynn was inside the residence and “out of control.”

When she entered the residence, Officer Sinclair saw Mr. Lynn laying on the floor on his back with several family members restraining him.

Both officers reported seeing small puddles of blood near the suspect’s head and Sgt. Brown reported also seeing pieces of glass nearby.

When an attempt by Officer Sinclair to verbally calm Mr. Lynn resulted in him spitting in her face, she placed handcuffs on one of his wrists. Before she could cuff the hand, Mr. Lynn hit Officer Sinclair in the face with his fist, according to the report.

At that point he pulled away from Officer Sinclair and began swinging his arms and kicking her resulting in several injuries to her hands, fingers and thigh. She was also struck with spatters of blood at various locations on her body.

After Officer Sinclair cuffed his free hand, Sgt. Brown tried unsuccessfully to calm him down verbally before using a stun gun for two to three seconds, the report said. Before using the taser, Sgt. Brown tried unsuccessfully again to calm the suspect. He responded by spitting in Sgt. Brown’s face and trying to bite him, according to the report.

When EMS personnel and a deputy from the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office arrived, Mr. Lynn was finally subdued, handcuffed and escorted to an ambulance to be transported to Johnston Health in Smithfield for evaluation.

While being escorted to the ambulance, Mr. Lynn continued to be belligerent toward authorities and EMS personnel and managed to free himself from the back of the ambulance, according to reports.

When he unlocked the seatbelt, he allegedly struck Officer Sinclair again, this time with his cuffed hands, in the throat.

Mr. Lynn was finally subdued when Officer Sinclair used a pressure point to stop his assaultive behavior, including an attempt to what she described as “trying to break” her fingers.

EMS personnel resorted to placing an oxygen mask over the suspect’s face to prevent him from continuing to spit.

After being evaluated and released from the hospital, Mr. Lynn was taken in front of a Johnston County magistrate where he again began using abusive and profanity-laced language.

“I ain’t scared of you, when my brother finds out about this, he will have your badge,” the report said Mr. Lynn told the magistrate, “F*** your bond.”

Mr. Lynn now faces two felony counts of malicious conduct by a prisoner and misdemeanor counts of assault on a government official, resisting a public officer, battery of an unborn child and was served an outstanding warrant for his arrest on unrelated charges.

He was taken to the Johnston County Detention Center under a $200,000 secured bond.  His sister was taken to Betsy Johnson Hospital in Dunn to check on the status of her unborn child. Story courtesy The Daily Record