Benton Sawrey Files For Johnston County Senate Seat

CLAYTON – Conservative Republican Benton Sawrey filed Tuesday at the Johnston County Board of Elections for North Carolina State Senate. Sawrey will run for North Carolina Senate District 10, an open district that encompasses all of Johnston County. He was joined by his family at the Board of Elections to file.

After filing, Sawrey said “Johnston County is home – it’s been my home and my family’s home for generations. I know the county, its people, and our communities, and I intend to go to Raleigh and fight for our traditional values. I am a rock-solid conservative and will have an unwavering commitment to lower taxes, education choice, the right-to-life, and the second amendment.”

“We’ve seen our institutions and way-of-life threatened by executive government overreach. Our students are multiple grade-levels behind after these school closures. We’ve seen dangerous progressive agendas, like critical race theory, infiltrate the classroom and replace basic skills. I promise to fight in Raleigh to protect our Johnston County values.”

Sawrey is a small-town attorney in Smithfield and helps farmers and small businesses navigate transactions and complex regulatory issues. He has successfully represented public interest groups over the past several years on election integrity issues in North Carolina and worked with county officials and local farmers to bring Johnston County into compliance with the North Carolina Right to Farm Act.


  1. Good for Benton. Great guy and I’m rooting for him. However, the only peaceful solution is an Article V Convention of States. Unless our NC Senate passes HJR233, all this talk is nothing more than talk. The States are going to have to do what our Congress is simply unwilling: Limit Federal Government’s size, scope, and power. Is Benton willing?

    • The budget for the Federal government is 60% mandatory (Social Security, Medicare, Veterans benefits), 30% discretionary (the Defense Department, NASA, Transportation, NIH, etc.) and the rest is for paying the Federal debt interest.

      BTW, the Pentagon budget is 50% of the discretionary budget or about $780 billion.

      Which parts of the Federal government do you wish to see limited?

      • I will leave that very needed debate to the State Delegates when the Convention convenes. However, I think we all can agree the Federal Government is operating way outside of their Constitutional authority and the only thing that can put Pandora back into her box will be Article V.

        Me personally, as a citizen, I want an opt out option of SSI and Medicare.

        • Dear Brett:

          “Complaining about a problem without posing a solution is called whining.”

          Teddy Roosevelt

  2. Please don’t opt out 0f ssi it’s the best thing to ever happen to older adults want to someday be able to not hav to work when they r 80 years old

    • I’d cash out half of my SSI just get out of it and those funds into a Roth IRA. People who dont want to be forced into paying for government services they may never see shouldnt. It should be voluntary. Taking it by force of law is anti-Liberty.

  3. People seem to love ‘opting’ out of many things….
    that they simply don’t understand what they mean….
    or when they’ll need them.
    But bet your sweet arse, one day you’ll be happy for them.
    Look into ‘life’ before you decide you’re against everything.

  4. I respectfully advise Mr. Sawrey and others that CRT has never, at any time, anywhere, been part of a curriculum beneath university level. Johnston has a fine community college but no degree tracks there include it either. It seems to be a handy little dog whistle to rile up uninformed folks so they are distracted from our abysmal health care industry, lack of mental health and substance abuse resources, and denial of global warming and its fallout. We have lost hundreds of species of flora and fauna in recent years and face catastrophic extinction in the near future. For a Johnston County child to never hear a Bobwhite’s call is, in my opinion, of grave concern. If we don’t prioritize preserving our earth it won’t matter how conservative anyone calls himself.

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