Berger, Moore Say They’ll Fight To Reinstate N.C. Abortion Laws Blocked By Roe/Casey

By David Larson
Carolina Journal

The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned the precedent surrounding abortion law in the United States that guaranteed women access to abortions through a constitutional right to privacy. Both the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973 and the Planned Parenthood v. Casey case of 1992 were overturned.

The court ruled 6-3 to uphold a law banning abortions, with a 5-4 majority agreeing to overturn the Roe and Casey abortion precedents.

Judge Samuel Alito delivered the opinion, with Justices Thomas, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, and Coney Barrett joined with this opinion. Chief Justice John Roberts filed a concurring opinion. Justices Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan filed dissenting opinions.

Both of North Carolina’s top legislature leaders — House Speaker Tim Moore, R-Cleveland; and Senate Leader Phil Berger, R-Rockingham — vowed to fight to reinstate the abortion laws on the books, some of which were blocked by federal precedent in Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

Statements by both also indicated they have no plans for further abortion-related legislation before the end of the current session, which is likely to end in a matter of days.

Berger spokesperson Lauren Horsh told CJ that they have to ask Attorney General Josh Stein to seek action overturning prior court rulings that nullified state laws based on Roe and Casey. If he does not take this action, they said they are prepared to look at other options. A separate U.S. Supreme Court opinion, on Berger v. NAACP, decided on June 23 that North Carolina legislators could represent the state to defend state laws. This could become relevant if Stein refuses to work to reinstate the abortion laws in the state statutes.

Berger’s and Moore’s statements can be read below:

Moore’s full June 24, 2022, statement:

“Today’s decision from the United States Supreme Court is long overdue and a major win for protecting life!” Moore said in his statement. “The end of Roe v. Wade rightfully returns authority back to the states to determine abortion law. While I remain unequivocally pro-life, the short budget adjustment session does not afford us sufficient time to take up the issue. However, North Carolinians can rest assured that we are taking the necessary steps to ensure that current restrictions on the books will be enforced. North Carolinians can also expect pro-life protections to be a top priority of the legislature when we return to our normal legislative session in January.”

Berger’s full June 24, 2022, statement:

“The U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs returns policy decisions regarding abortion to the states, which is where those decisions should be made. I remain committed to the right to life and protecting the unborn. North Carolina’s law banning abortions after 20 weeks is currently unenforceable. We will take immediate action to ensure North Carolina’s late-term abortion ban is reinstated. Senate Republicans will determine whether other steps are appropriate to strengthen our pro-life laws, but I do not anticipate legislative action prior to adjournment.”


    • Slavery and abortion. Democrats keep finding themselves on the wrong side of history.

      Gloria in excelsis Deo.

  1. Millions of babies lives are now being saved! God looks down favorably on this decision but it doesn’t go far enough yet. We need to make it a crime throughout the nation if you kill your baby.

  2. The finding did NOT end abortion. It reversed the decision that it is a right. The looney left doesn’t get it.

  3. Glad to hear this. The downside is that unless you have enough support to override a Governor’s veto-then this is all talk from Moore and Berger-something that we’re all used to.

  4. When the human soles of the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Roe v. Wade and stripped the developmenting image of a human from any protection from a henious dealth, I just can’t believe those justice’s could imagine how some of humanity’s coldest and darkest hearts would turn abortion into one of the most inhumane sport like gallows of dealth with absolutely no chance for any humane mercy with only chants of supporters screaming for the dealth to begin and never come to an end. When in church, your local pharmacy or Wal-Mart look around and the majority of faces you see is supposed to carry these cold dark hearts in the name of health care.

  5. Republicans: we only care about you until you’re born. After that, we don’t care if you get killed in a school shooting, won’t help you if you need help dealing with poverty, and heaven forbid if you need help with medical issues…pull yourselves up by your bootstraps, worship guns and god, and offer thoughts and prayers. Absolutely everything wrong with our Country is being caused by this group of out of touch morons.

    • You do realize that the most generous people to charities are Republicans correct? We would rather teach a man to fish then to just give him fish. Being self sufficient in life is amazing and should be taught to all. Being successful in life can be achieved by every single person who cares to work hard and not live off the government.

      • Your taxes will go up pretty soon. Just more kids for you to take care of three social service.
        How I’m the world can you tell a woman what she can or can not do with her body. Let’s hope none of you republicans have to go threw incest babies or babies born threw rape Let’s see what you cry then

        • No one is telling the woman what to do with her body, we are telling people they can’t kill innocent humans out of convenience. You make adult decisions to have sex, you get adult consequences. If you can’t handle the consequences make better decisions.

          • Mr Cee rape is horrible but the percent of women who end up pregnant after is very low. Those women need love and support through the pregnancy to heal from the trauma of rape not be pushed to have even more trauma and mental health impact by murdering their child.

          • Every situation is different. In some cases the mothers health is a real concern. In some cases the mother was raped. Some incest. While these instances may be the minority, they do exist and they should be considered. A stance of saying 100% of the time abortion is wrong is simply not well thought out. If we are saying abortion is wrong in all cases we should be consistent and say the death penalty is wrong in all cases. Life is life. We should also be looking into mental health and guns laws.

    • We do care about school shootings, and we realize the issue isn’t the tool used.

      Here’s the solution: Get Fathers back into homes

      Here’s how we do it: Limit SNAP, WIC, and TANF only to widows, orphans, and married couples. Parenting is a team sport.

      • Brett, did you seriously just type that out? That’s a whole new level of clueless right there. I’m all for people having a good upbringing and a good home life, but single parents exist outside of widowed individuals.

        • I know. I was raised by a single mother. Let’s use some common sense rationale and conclude that we have, since LBJ’s Model Cities program, enabled the destruction of the nuclear family by replacing Uncle Sam with biological fathers. Let us finally stop incentivizing fatherless homes.

    • …And Democrats, liberals, only care about pressing for a society (socialism/communism) that has endorsed genocide and murder of the helpless. Republicans want everyone in the game, Democrats want everyone to be subjects. Patrick Henry said it all, give me freedom or give me death.

  6. I am not for abortion but doesn’t this mean more food stamps more government housing more young mother’s who can’t take care of their kids hence more crime

  7. So it seems to me that striking down roe vs wade will result in an explosion of more governmental programs like food stamps how about Medicaid because kids get sick a lot

    • Infanticide = the crime of killing a child within a year of birth.

      What are the reasons for infanticide?

      Unwanted pregnancies are the most common cause of infanticide nowadays. This may be because women or families do not have enough resources to look after their children and because, in many parts of the world, there is no access to modern forms of birth control or medical abortion.

      • Wrong term. Aside from that, don’t those kids at least deserve a chance to grow up and experience life?

  8. I think for a young mother to get all these welfare benefits there can’t be a male in the household so now more kids growing up without a father

    • Or… we go back to teaching the value of fathers sticking around and a cohesive family unit. Just a thought! If we stop eroding the value of marriage and family, telling women and men it’s more important to have a high performance job than a family and stop acting like starting a family is selfish and needs to be done at just the right time when you are “ready” than the younger generation will work toward family goals not job goals. Over the years we have allowed the government to influence in all the wrong directions. I fell for it too! I can tell you I am a much happier person being home with my children than I was working full time.

  9. Do you think we will see more kids in orphaneges more kids in foster homes I think a foster parent in wake county gets like 2500 a month per child paid for by the taxpayers.go for it smug conservatives

    • Chas, if it’s “smug” to believe that murder is wrong I guess I am smug. Better than an EVIL person who celebrates murder.

  10. Democrats love to murder little babies. They take a great joy in the murder of babies. They don’t seem to care at all that we have a way to prevent pregnancy. Nah, better to just get pregnant then murder the little interloper. I used to believe democrats were just mentally sick but I’ve come to realize that Complete and Utter EVIL has taken over the Democratic party and everyone who votes for them is a Monster. Yes, every single one of them.

    • You may benefit from therapy and mental health programs. Perhaps visit your local church and find someone to talk with.

  11. Actually I am not a Democrat and I don’t like abortion but I don’t believe democrats want to kill babies I am saying that in my opinion federal programs like food stamps Medicaid foster program government housing r gonna be costing more

    • If it’s not about killing babies why do they keep pushing for legislation to allow killing/abortion up to and just after birth? That’s when many people woke up to the agenda of abortion and started pushing back.

  12. It’s disgusting how so called Christian’s feel they can push their beliefs on other people, and are willing to make a deal with the devil to accomplish their will. Anything’s ok if it’s done in the name of God. These Christian hypocrites are the same people that don’t want their taxes raised to help pay for the needs of the children that they saved with their deal with the devil.

  13. Isn’t it hypocritical how Berger and Moore spout that Washington shouldn’t tell states what to do, because States know what’s best for it’s residents. But these same old men push their beliefs on Counties, Cities and Towns in NC, Doesn’t the same apply? Counties, Cities and Town know what best for their residents NOT Raleigh!!! typical hypocrites we elect. Now these Old White Men what push their beliefs onto women and take away their freedom to choose what’s best for them Again hypocrits!!! Maybe we should single out Old White Hypocritical Men and Outlaw there use of Viagra 😳

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