Bo Hines Moves On To Face Wiley Nickel In Race For US House


Highly competitive Republican and Democratic primary elections were held Tuesday in the US House District 13 race.

After all the ballots were counted, Bo Hines led the GOP ticket over seven opponents. In unofficial results across the district covering portions of four counties, Hines received 17,523 ballots (32%), over DeVan Barbour’s 12,389 ballots (23%), and Kelly Daughtry with 9,256 ballots (17%). Renee Ellmers finished in fifth place with 5,141 ballots (9%).

Bo Hines will face the Democratic primary winner Wiley Nickel in November.

Wiley Nickels defeated four challengers carrying 22,974 votes or 52% of all the ballots cast by Democratic voters. Sam Searcy finished second with 10,210 votes or 23%, and Jamie Campbell Bowles with 4,175 votes, or 9%. Denton Lee finished a distant fifth with 3,285 votes, or 7%.

The US House 13th District includes sections of Johnston, Harnett, Wake, and Wayne counties.


  1. Yes, let’s put a 26 year old kid with no real world experience, that’s not even FROM this area, to represent us. But hey, he had the backing of Trump (which costed a pretty penny)… we MUST obey Trump! What a joke.

    • I will take a constitutional, Christian candidate over the establishment pick every time! This is the only way to get true change. The GOP just wants more of the same RINOs in office who will follow orders and say the same talking points about all subjects.

    • I believe that Bo has every bit of experience and even more than the other candidates. We need someone in Congress that aligns with the America First agenda, has allies already there (Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz and others) and that can team up with other Christian constitutionalists to change the direction of this ship. Its horrible how the local swamp treated the grassroots candidates in this primary and I am embarrassed to say that happened in a county I live. The people that went up against the establishment will be back. I, for one, will be helping them.
      BTW, no where in the Constitution does it say separation from church and state. Its in a letter from Jefferson to the Church of Danbury–as protection of religious liberties of the people to separate the church FROM the state. Please read your history correctly.

      • Local swamp? We wanted someone to represent us who actually lives in Johnston County – where the most Republican voters reside in the district.

  2. What’s wrong with being backed by Trump, life was better when Trump was President, that is a fact, gas was $1.89 now it’s $4.30, and food well you no where I going with this, that’s all I am going to say.

    • Have you not kept up with all the criminal acts by Trump and his administration? Not indicted yet, but never the less criminal.

  3. Wiley Nickels is the real deal. I hope we cam finally turn Joco blue and he is man to lead the way.

      • One day it won’t hopefully ..or at least be filled with compassionate people who are not against feeding starving children at School. Y’all pretent to be Chistians but do not treat people how Jesus would or did. So much hate against people for not being white, Christian, straight, etc. But yall can get drunk every night just as long as you show up at church on Sunday….

  4. Can someone tell me what county Bo Hines residence is 🤔
    A: Harnett
    B: Johnston
    C: Wake
    D: Wilson
    E: None of the Above

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