Board Of Education Approves School Calendar Adjustment

The Johnston County Public Schools Board has approved a change in the school calendar later this month. On February 24th, the first dose of COVID vaccines were given to JCPS employees. The second dose has been scheduled for the week of March 22nd.

In the event employees have any side effects that could impact them from reporting to work, the school system and Johnston County Health Department have agreed to administer the second dose on Friday, March 26th.

The school board approved a recommended change moving the Remote Learning Day on Wednesday, March 24th to Friday, March 26th. Students, including all EC Self-Contained, Pre-5th grade, and Cohort 2 for grades 6-12, will not attend school on Wednesday, March 24th and remain at home for remote learning on Friday, March 26th.

Students attending North Johnston High School (NJHS) will have two remote learning days that week, March 24th and 26th. The Health Department has scheduled a public vaccination clinic on the NJHS campus on March 24th.

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  1. Really ?!?! Like the parents aren’t having to juggle work, school and daycare now just throw in another day they have to “re-schedule” the somewhat normal they are dealing with. JUST OPEN THE SCHOOLS and be done with it already!

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