Braswell Files For District 3 Commission Seat

Commissioner Richard D. Braswell files February 25, 2022 at the Johnston County Board of Elections Office for the District 3 seat.

PRINCETON – Johnston County Commissioner Richard “Dickie” Braswell filed Friday for the District 3 commission seat. Mr. Braswell was appointed December 1, 2021 to District 3 to fill out the unexpired term of former Commissioner Chad Stewart who resigned. The seat is up for reelection in November 2022.

“Johnston County is currently experiencing the most rapid growth the county has ever seen and we are working to update our Infrastructure to accommodate this growth. However, facilities installed many years ago cannot always be modified to handle the new loads and we are constantly facing problems with our growth outpacing our ability to install new facilities,” Mr. Braswell said Friday after filing at the Johnston County Board of Elections in Smithfield. “I want to use my many years of experience in the water and wastewater industry to help bring our facilities up to date to handle the current and future needs of our county.”

“As a member of the current Board of Commissioners, I have been involved in many discussions regarding our schools. I think our school system is one of the best in the state and I support our school board’s efforts to keep Johnston schools among the best in the country. I do feel we need to be more innovative in how we plan for new schools and what type of buildings we choose to house our students.”

“I strongly support our Sheriff and local law enforcement and will always advocate providing the tools they need to keep our residents safe.”

“I will always work to provide a suitable environment for our county employees to work. I support paying our employees a strong competitive salary to help retain those employees whom we have trained. Our citizens should not have to meet a new face each time they need assistance from any of the county services.”

“I hope you will trust that I will work to help keep Johnston County the best place to live, work, worship and play,” Mr. Braswell stated.

A Johnston County native, Mr. Braswell has a daughter in the 8th grade at Princeton Middle School. He and his wife attend Ignite Church in Pine Level. He was a general contractor for 47 years until recently when he sold his business.