Building Contractor Arrested On Break-In, Meth Possession Charges

Felton Glenn Thompson mugshots from the Johnston County Jail after his arrests (left to right) in March 2017, November 2017, and Jan. 8, 2018.

Troubles continue for a Johnston County building contractor arrested for the third time in less than a year.

Felton Glenn Thompson Jr., 38, of Deer Ridge Drive, Selma, a licensed building contractor, was arrested Monday night at the scene of a residential break-in on Bay Valley Road outside of Kenly.

A concerned citizen called Johnston County deputies after seeing a U-Haul truck backed up to a vacant home. The citizen said the owner of the home was in the nursing home and the U-Haul truck should not be there.

Officers arrived and found the truck abandoned but evidence of a break-in.

A U-Haul official responded to the scene and after unlocking the cab of the truck located two syringes filled with a liquid that later tested positive for methamphetamines, deputies reported.

While checking the surrounding area, an officer spotted two men in the woods behind the home.  The men were detained and identified as Thompson and Connor Daniel Rushing, 21, of Prestwick Drive, Clayton.  Authorities said the U-Haul truck was rented in Rushing’s name.

Both men were charged with breaking and entering, larceny, possession of burglary tools, possession of methamphetamine and felony conspiracy.  Rushing was also wanted for failing to appear in court on a 2017 charge of obtaining property by false pretenses.

As of Thursday afternoon, Thompson was still being held under a $150,000 bond. Rushing was still in custody under a $110,000 bond.

Prior Arrests

In November 2017, Thompson, the operator of Glenn Thompson Contracting Inc., also known as Glenn Thompson Construction, was arrested after he allegedly broke into a storage building behind a home on Bay Valley Road near Kenly stealing $450.00 in items.

The items, including glassware, tableware, and a lamp were all recovered.

Thompson was arrested in March 2017 after a subcontractor filed a report with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office alleging they received two worthless checks for payment on work they had performed for Thompson and his company. Both checks were in excess of $5,000 each.

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, Thompson has had several complaints filed against him and his company since December 2016.

In November 2017, a BBB complaint states a buyer gave Thompson $53,000 equal to a 20 percent deposit on a new home in Feb. 2016. The complaint said Thompson missed several dates and the buyer cancelled the contract but Thompson did not return the money. The victim said he sued Thompson in court and won but still hasn’t gotten any of his money back.

A June 2017 complaint said Thompson and his company would not honor a one year builder’s warranty on a new home including repairing water leaks that caused molded carpet for more than 300 days.  The complaint said other homeowners in their neighborhood who had houses built by Glenn Thompson Contracting, Inc. experienced similar problems in getting repairs completed.

A March 2017 BBB complaint alleges Thompson took $9,680 in earnest money on a home that should have been completed by October 2016. The day the home should have been completed and turned over to the buyer, the complaint contends ground had not even been broken on the house.  Thompson allegedly promised to return the money to the buyer by the end of November 2016 but never did.

“We believe he took the money from us knowing he would never complete the house,” the BBB complaint stated. “He did this to several others who had contracted him to build a house.”

Glenn Thompson Contracting, Inc. has a “F” rating on the BBB website.