Car Break-Ins Reported In Portofino Community

CLAYTON – The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a rash of car break-ins reported in the Portofino community off Highway 42 East of Clayton.

Monday night or Tuesday morning someone broke into approximately 10 vehicles. Car keys, money and debit cards were among the items taken. Authorities said all the vehicles had been left unlocked.

Thieves also stole three dirt bikes and ATV’s valued at $22,000 from an RV camper parked at a home on Barletta Court.

Officers urge everyone to keep your cars locked and valuables out of sight, even in the driveway of your home.

The thefts remain under investigation.


    • Though there IS a gate at the entrance, it is unmanned, opened for much of the day, and easily bypassed by tailing a car that has been admitted. Also, a gate means nothing to those who can bushwhack from adjacent properties.

    • That gate means nothing. It’s very easy to access Portofino through other areas, such as from nearby neighborhoods, following someone through the gate, etc.

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