Caseworker Stole Thousands Of Dollars From Disabled Client, Police Say

SELMA – A caseworker whose job was to provide care and assistance to a disabled man is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from his bank account.

Selma Police said Treva Lashaun Richardson, age 44, of Brookfield Court, Garner was assigned three years ago as a caseworker for the 61 year-old victim. The victim was unable to manage his everyday living abilities, including his ability to pay his bills.

In February 2022, the victim suffered a stroke and was admitted to the hospital for several weeks. In March 2022, he was moved to a rehabilitation center in Raleigh. Later, he was able to return home.

Soon thereafter, the victim informed a family member his cell phone and cable TV service had been disconnected. The victim’s sister went to the bank and obtained a copy of his bank statements to find an unknown woman was a user on his account profile.

The bank statement reportedly revealed charges before and after the victim’s admission to the hospital and rehab. Transactions were allegedly made by Richardson including CashApp transfers to herself and multiple other people, charges at a beauty supply store, grocery store, gas stations, and other businesses. Altogether, $5,212.86 was reportedly taken from the disabled man’s bank account without authorization.

Richardson was arrested June 8 at the Selma Police Station and charged with felony exploitation of the disabled/elderly and felony obtaining property by false pretenses. She was released on a $1,000 secured bond pending a court appearance.

The caseworker reportedly worked for a private company assigned to provide care for the victim. The name of the company was not disclosed.


  1. Why is her bond less than she stole???? This is insanity! And some people wonder why criminals don’t stop doing this crap!

    • Ain’t nobody ask you about your bond so why you worried while you hiding and don’t want to put ur name go lay on somebody altar trying judge somebody as the song say sweep around your own front door before you try and sweep around somebody else’s

  2. It’s not insanity it’s just your judgment you don’t know what really happened, secondly it’s none of your business how much her bond is y’all judge people based off a story that is really probably not true but instead of finding out the real truth y’all judge

  3. The company needs to be exposed too. Obviously their HR dept needs a little work, course they’re probably thieves as well.

  4. Yall need to quit judging a book by its cover and don’t know the full story it don’t matter if anyone related or not that’s what’s wrong with people know they don’t even go to church because people so judgemental yall not nobody judge God is the judge yall need to get to know the full story before yall want to put yall 2 sense in that don’t mean a hilabeans how about yall tell us what’s on ur record or matterfact do yall even have a pot to pass in or family to go to while yall judging somebody go lay on somebody altar while yall trying to judge dumb a** folks

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