Caught On Video: Suspect Kills Family Pet

Home security cameras helped detectives make a quick arrest in the shooting death of a family pet.  William Joshua Beasley, 33, of Red Hill Church Road, Coats was arrested February 23rd by the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office on a felony warrant for animal cruelty.

On February 22nd, a Benson couple was away from their residence but their exterior home security cameras was recording.  According to the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office, Beasley arrived at the residence and approached a pit bull dog in the yard.  Beasley is reportedly shown on security video punching the dog in the face then kicking the animal.

The pet runs away and Beasley follows.  Beasley allegedly pulls out a handgun and shoots the dog.  After being shot, the dog is shown limping across the yard before walking out of sight.  The family returned home later that day and found their pet deceased.  After reviewing the video, Beasley was identified as the suspect. He was allegedly known by the family.

Beasley was arrested and held on a $30,000 secured bond. site sexy babe rubs pussy solo. xxx malayalam


  1. It takes a sick person to hurt any animal. How sad for the dog owner to have to watch this on video. Hope he gets what he deserves!!!

  2. What kind of sick animal (human animal) would do this kind of thing to an animal. What is going on? Is it drugs? God, please help!

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