Central Baptist Church Presents “THANKFUL, GRATEFUL, BLESSED: A Thanksgiving Musical”

Greg Parker, Elijah Canipe, Leah Worley, Jennifer Parker

DUNN — Central Baptist Church is excited to present “THANKFUL, GRATEFUL, BLESSED: A Thanksgiving Musical.” Building on the success of last year’s holiday production, Central Baptist Church is once again offering the community a heartwarming musical experience that captures the true spirit of Thanksgiving. This unique event is scheduled for Saturday, November 18 at 6:00pm and Sunday, November 19 at 10:00am at Central Baptist Church, located at 6050 Plain View Highway in Dunn.

“THANKFUL, GRATEFUL, BLESSED” is a delightful fusion of heart, humor, and faith, weaving together characters from past dramas at CBC. The storyline revolves around Trina, a new believer inspired to practice hospitality, as she invites a diverse group of church members to share a Thanksgiving meal. But, Trina turns out to be a host who is anything but conventional, offering a genuine and unfiltered experience that stands in contrast to the picture-perfect, Instagram-worthy gatherings often seen on social media.

Around the Thanksgiving table, a unique assembly of individuals with complex struggles come together. The characters include a discouraged pastor and his wife, a man who has experienced time in prison, a single mother grappling with addiction, her daughter, and the fan favorite siblings from last year’s musical. 

As the Thanksgiving feast unfolds, you’ll witness genuine connections being formed, barriers being broken down, and the beauty of imperfect people coming together to create something truly special. This Thanksgiving, we invite you to join us for a musical journey that reminds us all that true hospitality isn’t about perfection; it’s about opening our hearts and sharing our lives, struggles and all.

The event is open to the public, and there is no admission fee. With the holiday season on the horizon, “THANKFUL, GRATEFUL, BLESSED” offers a unique opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving in a meaningful way before the rush of Christmas events begins.

Logan Neal, Ernie Todd, Lisa Draughon

The all-original drama was written and directed by Pastor James Neal, and the moving musical compositions were created by Pastor Darren Hughes and other gifted members of Central Baptist Church. 

For further information about “THANKFUL, GRATEFUL, BLESSED: A Thanksgiving Musical” and event details, please contact Central Baptist Church at 910-892-7914 or visit www.cbcdunn.com.

Join us for a heartwarming and inspirational Thanksgiving celebration that will leave you feeling THANKFUL, GRATEFUL, and BLESSED.

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