Champions Give Gift Of Kindness

These are some of the toys donated by employees of Champion Hoist in Dunn to be given to children who are in the domestic violence house in Harnett County at Christmas. Toys, clothes and money were also raised to send to another family in need. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

By Lisa Farmer
For The Dunn Daily Record

The employees of Champion Hoist and The Godwin Group headquarters in Dunn presented their employer with a gift — a gift of kindness.

The Godwin Group Human Resources Director Angela McKinney holds two great big teddy bears donated during a toy drive at Champion Hoist. Champion is a part of The Godwin Group. The effort of the employees was done on behalf of their employer, Pat Godwin Sr., who has – over the years – given to children and others in need. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

“Since we are not having a Christmas party this year due to COVID, the employees of Champion Hoist & Equipment and the corporate office won’t have the opportunity to properly present you with their gift. This letter is to let you know what your employees have done this year in your honor,” Angela McKinney, human resources director, wrote to company owner Pat Godwin Sr.

For the third year in a row, the employees have donated toys to the children who will be living at the local domestic violence shelter at Christmas.

“I know how sincere they are in their giving because a week before Thanksgiving, employees started asking me, ‘When can we start buying toys for the needy kids?’” McKinney wrote.

When the staff learned of another mother in need, “Your employees took up a generous collection to help her get what she needed for her kids. That took care of the children’s immediate needs,” according to McKinney.

The employees also executed a clothes and toy collection drive for the family.

“I believe they will have a good Christmas, and to see strangers do such kind and caring things for them will likely leave an impression that I hope they take with them all the way into adulthood,” McKinney said.

“Our employees are obviously good human beings with caring hearts and the willingness to share what they have with people they don’t even know,” McKinney said.

“Having a stable place of employment where they know they can work every day and make a good living allows them the ability to share with others,” she wrote to Godwin. “The generous end-of-year discretionary bonus allows them the freedom to share even more. That is attributable to you. The stability of your company and your personal generosity allow your employees to be generous in turn.”

Godwin said the efforts of the employees at Champion speak to him personally.

“It makes me feel good because I have always supported children and those in need,” he said. “It makes me feel proud my employees are following my lead as I have in the past in the local community. I am really proud of that.”

Champion Hoist makes hoists used in dump bodies and are distributed to other companies in The Godwin Group which has divisions in four states including Godwin Mfg. in Dunn. The hoists are also distributed to other manufacturers all across the United States.