Child Rape Suspect Held On High Bond

A suspect in the rape of a young girl has been extradited to North Carolina to stand trial.  Pedro Junior Soto IV, 35, of Mastic, NY was returned to Johnston County this week after his arrest in New York.

Soto had been under investigation by the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office since February 2021.   Soto is accused of sexually assaulting a female under the age of 12 at a location in Johnston County. The assault took place in 2020.

Soto faces nine charges including statutory rape of a child by an adult, indecent liberties with a child and statutory sex offense.  He was placed in the Johnston County Jail Thursday night and held on a $6 million secured bond. 


  1. Sexually assaulting a female under 12 years of age. Actions like this should get people upset. Instead, people get upset and comment about the mask debate, the school board, election results, or each other.
    Anyone who rapes a child deserves capital punishment.

    • This!
      You could not be more right!
      The the things people are getting so heated about these days and having these huge melt downs over should be of “some” concern, sure, but not more than would warrant normal discussions and possibly some decisions to be made.
      These vile and horrible actions that happen to innocent children like this, these are things that actually deserve for attention to be brought to what these types of people have done and for people to get angry and to want to do something. To want to ensure that the system works and these children will be safe from the monster in their life moving forward and there will be justice for the irrevocable damage done to their lives at such a young age.

  2. A girl under 12 years old. What’s wrong with these people? People like this have NO business ever being in society again. EVER!!!!!!

  3. This is outrageous. For a grown man to do this to an innocent girl, it’s even more vile when you know the girl personally. I have helped her in situations that she could not face alone, situations this man has put her in. People like this do not deserve to live and roam around society. They deserve to be locked away for the remainder of their miserable lives. It’s disgusting what this world has become, pain, rape, war, racism, sexism, suffering.. And people choose to bicker and complain about small stuff like masks and vaccines. Ugh, pisses me off. I just wush for a better world.

    • Your a bum if u can’t believe this man didn’t do it and you need to see sick people for who they are The man wouldn’t be high bail if it wasn’t true and or brought from any other state to deal with this I wish he should get the chair if anything for the sick things he did to an innocent person

    • So you saying a child is lying about this?? You are part of the problem. You must be his family or girlfriend. Really makes you sick too. Who takes up for people like this. Disgusting point blank…

  4. Oh absolutely, the truth will come to light. But will you allow yourself to see it? Or will you tie on a blindfold so tightly that even the most obvious of evidence will go unseen simply bc you don’t want to see it Or know it to be the truth? I’m assuming your an acquaintance of his, bc who else would be commenting that on an article about this person. So I hope that when the time comes you don’t blind yourself to reality. Lots of children get hurt by people that their family and friends claim “would never do such a thing”… Until the evidence is found by police or comes out in court and it’s undeniable. And with a 6 MILLION dollar bond, baby there’s gotta be something there, hate to break it to you. Someone I went to school with got arrested a couple years ago for attempted murder after beating someone with a tire iron and throwing them off a bridge into a river with their hands and feet duct taped together and their bond was 1 million, for attempted MURDER with clear evidence and the man surviving so they knew exactly what happened and had witnesses so they had all the evidence they needed for that charge, so do the math, this guy’s bond is SIX MILLION.

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