Child Recovering From Dog Bite

SMITHFIELD – No charges are expected to be filed against the owner of a dog after the animal broke free and bit a child. The incident happened Thursday afternoon on Sussex Drive.

Smithfield Police said an 8 year-old child was outside their home when a dog broke free from its leash and bit the young boy on his shoulder.  The child sustained minor injuries.

The dog was picked up by Animal Control for quarantine for 10 days for evaluation for rabies.  


  1. So, if I run up and stab a kid in the shoulder, but only cause “minor” physical injuries and life-long, MAJOR emotional trauma, I don’t get charged with anything? Puncture wounds to kids for no reason is legally acceptable?

    • Where you there? Do you know everything that happened leading up to this point? I’m sure you don’t but please by all means make your silly, uneducated comments. Thumbs Up!

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