Cleveland Park Parking Lot Bid Design

CLEVELAND – Johnston County Commissioners has awarded a contract for the design of a parking lot at the Cleveland Park.

McGill Associates was awarded the $36,700 bid. 

In July 2020, Johnston County Commissioners agreed to buy a 77 acre tract of land at the intersection of Matthews Road and Polenta Road for $1.6 million.

The Greater Cleveland Athletic Association has agreed to managed the property, with no management cost or expenses to Johnston County, until the park can be fully developed by the County. The site will initially be used for athletic fields.

The initial parking area will be designed as a gravel lot. 


  1. That’s 1.6 mil that could have been used to assist with sewer and utility upgrades. Instead they build a ball field on a gravel driveway for recreation? The same ones who cry a river over school funding are the same crew who begged for this type of nonsense!

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