CNN+ Goes Dark After One Month, Eulogy Tweets Are Flying

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By Theresa Opeka
Carolina Journal

CNN has pulled the plug on its streaming service, CNN+, less than a month after it launched. It is scheduled to shut down on April 30. Warner Bros. Discovery, CNN’s new parent company, made the decision.

According to a report on, the streaming service was not compatible with Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav’s plans for a more streamlined service. Some of the failed streaming service’s programs may continue on the new service or go directly to CNN.

CNN+ was an idea that came about from disgraced former CEO Jeff Zucker and former parent company, WarnerMedia, which merged with Discovery to form Warner Bros. Discovery earlier this month.

Despite having the likes of Chris Wallace, who left Fox News to join the CNN+ project, and Kasie Hunt from NBC News, along with a $1 billion investment,  the streaming service was reported to have had fewer than 10,000 daily users as of last week at $5.99 a month or $59.99 a year. Warner Bros. Discovery also has billions in debt after the merger. Customers will be getting a prorated refund.

The company also announced CNN+ head Andrew Morse is leaving Warner Bros. Discovery after a transition period. Alex MacCallum, currently CNN+’s general manager and head of product, will lead CNN Digital after Morse departs.

Although there are reports that Wallace and Hunt may move to CNN, many staffers from CNN+ may lose their jobs.

Eulogy tweets for the streaming service trended on Twitter following the announcement. The results are painfully funny but also indicate consumer contempt, something the news organization is struggling to overcome.

Regarding CNN+ I don’t think people should be cheering about the loss of jobs for a lot of ordinary people, but I also hope journalists understand that this is happening not just because people are jerks — the level of contempt directed at their profession is well-earned.

— Mark Hemingway (@Heminator) April 21, 2022

The news is the latest in a series of blows that seem to throw the cable news network into something of an identity crisis. CNN lost 50% of its prime-time ratings since former President Donald Trump left office and 36% of its viewership overall since President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Add to that, Zucker resigned on Feb. 2 for not disclosing his affair with Allison Gollust, the network’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer and former top aide of former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The pair allegedly coached the former governor on his COVID-19 briefings and had him do segments with his brother, Chris Cuomo, who was suspended from the network for allegedly advising his brother on sexual harassment complaints and was later fired for an alleged accusation of sexual assault.

Warner Bros. Discovery’s long-term plans include merging the Discovery+ streaming service with HBO Max.


  1. Who cares? Is this really what is affecting Americans? Press digging in on other press? Enough already.

  2. If you are only allowed to view one side of this news bias liberal world then your not fit to defend your beliefs. I don’t want to be like most and I don’t want anyone to be like me, but I want to stay far superior than anyone that comments here about the facts other than the way I see them. Not a day goes by I don’t listen to NPR, CNN, PMS-NBC not because I aggree but to understand what the conservative movement is doing right that puts them in a crazed rant. I was one of these like minded liberal progressive liberals until I actually started looking at my paycheck stub and began understanding what my tax money was doing to destroy the community around me. It wasn’t a easy change for me, long hair and left handed smoking along with a little of mind bending tiny square papers, I remember when Ragan was shot and was dam happy about it. I want know why CNN failed and when I spent just a few minutes watching it becomes clear, they are disconnected from reality as I was when I was defending liberalism.

  3. Why would Jocoreport care about CNN+? Posting this is lighting a pointless fire to the MSM paranoia that has been born of, and fueled by far-right extremism.

    To be VERY clear, pulling the plug has NOTHING to do with the attitude (including the select tweet that was posted in the article) against “journalists.” It has everything to do with the Big Elephant stat listed in same article that the channel had a flatline-inducing 10,000 subscribers after a month.

    When they announced this app, my first thought was “Why didn’t Chris Wallace just go to CNN?”

    It has nothing to do with “hating journalists” or “MSM” or “ideology.” It has EVERYTHING to do with the question of who the hell is going to pay $9.99 a month to watch Chris Wallace or Kasey Hunt, when NETFLIX can’t even keep subscribers these days.

    I have no problem with either Kasey Hunt or Chris Wallace, but I am not going to pay to subscribe to watch them. Terrible idea by Zucker, assuming generically that “more subscription apps = more revenue.”


      • Fox News has its own issues but they have something like triple or quadruple the viewers CNN has, so I think you may be a bit confused or perhaps one of the folks I refer to below. Anyhoooo… CNN has shown their true colors and I am absolutely certain no one with an IQ above lukewarm would actually watch CNN on purpose.

    • I hope all mainstream media shut down! None of them are good, they all are biased and only report in an echo chamber. You can literally watch ABC, flip to NBC, then fox/CBS/MSNBC/CNN and the words will be exactly the same on all channels because they are all owned by the same people and big pharma.

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