Commissioners Approve Health Nurse School Liaison Position

Johnston County Commissioners have approved the hiring of a public health nurse at the Public Health Department to work as a school liaison.

The temporary position, through the end of the 2021-2022 school term, will be funded by the state. $115,000 has been allocated for the position.

The position will help coordinate health and safety efforts between the Johnston County Public Health Department and Johnston County Public Schools related to COVID-19. The position will support safe, in-person instruction in K-12 grade schools.


  1. Sooooo they are going to pay a liaison $12777.77 a MONTH for 9 months???? Does the already in place school nurses make that??? I think NOT! …. Such a waste once again of money and the JoCo School Board!

    • Yes and you know it will just give them more reason to justify masking our kids and maybe start vaccinating in the schools once the jab is approved for under 12. This should absolutely not be occurring!!!

    • The school board is not funding this position. The County Commissioners are. This is a health department position.

  2. This is what you get when you have two Johnston County Commissioners that are married to Teacher’s Union Teacher and then we have another Johnston County Commissioner that is renting commercial property for his lively hood from the other Commissioner that is married to the Teacher’s Union Teacher!!!

    Then if that isn’t bad enough we have a Johnston County School Board Members that use to be the NCAE – Member, Treasurer, President of the NC Teacher’s Union. Do you parent and tax payers see why we have such of a cluster #uck now!!!

    Then we have $180-K-Carroll that wants to pay the old School Superintendent under the table in closed door meeting so that Johnston County can now have two School Superintendents in stead of one!!!

    Folks, this stuff makes the true story that was turned in to a movie called Bad Education look like fiction!!!

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