Community Continues To Support Police Chief

Coats Police Chief Jeremy Hall continues his daily struggle fighting the cancer that he was diagnosed with earlier this year and the community he loves continues to support him.

Chief Hall began having back pain in March and then fell at his home in April. Doctors then performed a battery of tests that revealed a rare type of lymphoma affecting his spine and therefore his balance.

He has since been undergoing treatment at Rex Hospital in Raleigh.

His wife, Anna, said last week he was readmitted to the hospital because of a high fever. Doctors were not able to determine what caused the fever, but he has been fever free for several days and was cleared to go home.

Test results show positive developments in the reduction of the tumors. Mrs. Hall posted a Facebook update saying doctors are encouraged because an abdominal CT scan showed a reduction in his cancer. Another full scan will be done later this month. He is currently on oxygen because his blood oxygen level is lower than normal.

Coats citizens have risen to the occasion to help the chief as the treatments have continued. A GoFundMe fundraising page has been established and a barbecue plate fundraising dinner was held recently. A substantial amount of money with that event.

The event was organized through the Coats Area Chamber of Commerce. Chamber Director Pat Godwin did not release a specific amount but said a substantial gift was raised and given to the family.

The slogan “Chief Strong” is now displayed in different areas of town in Coats as the community continues to hope and pray he wins his battle against cancer.

The couple said the family recognizes the support.

“We can’t thank the community enough for what they have done,” Mrs. Hall said. “We appreciate what they have given and we appreciate their prayers.”

“The people in that town are amazing,” Chief Hall said.

Chief Hall said he is now back home and dealing with his situation.

“There are just a few side effects that we are watching, but working through it,” Chief Hall said.

Mrs. Hall said several businesses in the area helped by buying plates at the barbecue sale.

“I don’t want to leave anyone out so I won’t name all the businesses who have helped us, but want to thank all of them,” Mrs. Hall said.

All profits from the fundraisers are being given to the Hall family for expenses related to his health care. Mrs. Hall has continued to work while her husband has been treated. Chief Hall has short-term disability, but that is only a portion of his regular pay.

There are also expenses related to transportation back and forth to medical facilities for treatment.

Mrs. Hall said it is not known how long her husband will undergo treatment or when he will be able to return to work. Courtesy The Daily Record