Concessions Vendor Approved For 2017-2018

The Town of Smithfield received identical bids for the concession contracts at Smithfield Community Park and the Civitan Field for the 2017 and 2018 calendar years.

The Smithfield Parks and Recreation Department had advertised for bids for vendors to provide concessions.  Two bids were received.

Jeff Hales, the current contractor, and John and Alicia Barefoot both submitted bids of $4,500 each per year.

At the request of Parks and Recreation Director Gary Johnson, Hales was recommended for the contract because of his past experiences, including being dependable and providing good services, Johnson said in a memo to the town board.

The council voted unanimously to award the new contract to Hales.

The vendor is required to operate at all events at both facilities including nights and weekends, obtain all necessary health and business permits, maintain a $1 million public liability policy, maintain clean restrooms, and must have prices of food and drinks approved with a parks and recreation agent.

In return, the town will give the vendor exclusive rights to the concession stands at both locations.