Convicted Burglar Breaks Into Home With Family Inside

A Clayton couple had been spending a quiet night at their home until a burglar allegedly broke in. A 28 year-old man and 30 year-old woman were in their home on Old Highway 70 West around 7:23pm Saturday when they heard a loud noise at their back door.   They went to investigate and found a burglar had forcibly broken into the patio door and was standing in their patio.

The male homeowner and suspect began fighting.  Deputies responded and reportedly encountered 35 year-old Jason Vance Jenkins of Durham screaming and yelling.  Officers said Jenkins appeared to be under the influence of an impairing substance.  Jenkins allegedly told officers he had just taken some “bad” narcotics adding, “I’m f**ked up.”   The homeowners told deputies they didn’t know the suspect.

Jenkins was charged breaking and entering, injury to property, and possession of marijuana.  He was held under a $75,000 bond.

In 2012, Jenkins was arrested and later convicted for committing more than a dozen break-ins at homes and storage buildings in the Clayton and Cleveland areas.  Deputies got a break in the case in July 2012 after Jenkins broke into a house on Polenta Road. An alert neighbor wrote down his license plate number as he was leaving the scene. He was arrested days later.