Cooper Urges Council Of State Members To ‘Push Vaccines As Hard As You Can’

By David Bass
Carolina Journal

On the heels of a new executive order requiring state employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine or be required to wear a mask and submit to weekly testing, Gov. Roy Cooper is urging other members of the Council of State to push their own staffs to get vaccinated.

“I’m asking you to push these vaccinations as hard as you can to people,” said Cooper, a Democrat, at a Council of State meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 3. “It’s the very best way to improve our economy and to move us forward is to get this pandemic behind us. We do it by getting people vaccinated.”

Gov. Roy Cooper, right, greets workers at a StarMed clinic in Charlotte, N.C., on Thursday, June 3, 2021. Photo from the Office of Gov. Roy Cooper

“You all are public figures,” Cooper added. “You’re really important people out there. People listen to you. This not only can save the life of someone you’re talking to, it can also save the life of people they come in contact with.”

Carolina Journal reached out to the nine Council of State members and asked whether their offices intended to make any changes in light of Cooper’s executive order. These are their responses:

  • Superintendent of Public Instruction Catherine Truitt (Republican): “While the governor is requiring vaccination status of employees, the superintendent will not. Instead, she will allow for employees to voluntarily disclose this information using an attestation form. Employees who voluntarily share their vaccination status won’t need to wear masks inside the building. With all employees slated to return on a three-day basis beginning next week, she hopes to make the workplace safe and comfortable for everyone. The superintendent will not require vaccinated employees to wear masks,” said spokeswoman Blair Rhoades.
  • Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler (Republican): “We are in discussions about the announcement, but no decision has been made this time. Commissioner Troxler has been a strong advocate for vaccination since day one and actively encourages people to get vaccinated,” said spokeswoman Andrea Ashby.
  • Attorney General Josh Stein (Democrat): “Attorney General Stein appreciates the governor’s continued leadership, and he is reviewing public health guidelines and considering additional actions to help protect [Department of Justice] employees,” said spokesman Ahmed Nazneen.
  • State Auditor Beth Wood (Democrat): “We are in the process of reviewing Governor Cooper’s latest recommendations regarding COVID-19. Currently, we have a hybrid work policy in place that addresses the business needs of the office, and we are evaluating the policy as the situation evolves,” said spokeswoman Christine Ryan.
  • Labor Commissioner Josh Dobson (Republican): “At this time, Commissioner Dobson does not intend to require vaccination or mandatory testing for [Department of Labor] employees. The Commissioner believes in the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine and encourages all employees to get the vaccine. However, he is also sensitive to individual liberty and recognizes that the decision to get the vaccine is a personal health matter,” said spokeswoman Jennifer Haigwood.
  • Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey (Republican): “We have no plans to implement any changes to our Safe Return to the Worksite Plan at this time. We will continue to assess the COVID-19 pandemic to see if any changes are necessary in the future to protect the safety and health of our valued employees and visitors,” said spokesman Barry Smith.

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson (Republican), Secretary of State Elaine Marshall (Democrat), and State Treasurer Dale Folwell (Republican) did not respond.

The vaccine mandate for state employees begins in September. According to the latest data from the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services, 47% of the population is fully vaccinated, including 84% of those in the high-risk category of being over the age of 65.


  1. This summary gives me a good indication of who will be getting my vote in the future and who I will push out of office for a more reasonable individual liberty driven person!

  2. Pushing the vaccines?? What’s next, free community college tuition?…. expanding broadband access?… pushing Duke to clean up the coal ash? When, oh when will Cooper’s stop pushing things down our throats!

  3. Cooper is an IDIOT. He, like many democrats, push money at people to motivate them to overcome the personal responsibility people have to themselves and their neighbors. He is eager to take money from hard working CITIZENS, to fund Covid Sweepstakes, housing for illegals, benefits for the incarcerated, elective surgery for a select minority of the population, etc, etc, etc.
    Who voted for COOPER? If you have no regrets, maybe we should fund raise for your mental health care.

  4. Don’t do it folks they want to control our minds with a vaccine. They want know what we do, where we go, and what we think. They want to us to sell our souls for $100. No thank you just watch folks they’re trying to put the 666 in us and next thing you know they will want us to worship the devil.

    • Join the forensic audit fight with us on telegram. Let’s get cooper out! Sign the petition

  5. Cooper must go. He does not stand for we the people and never has .He is willing to go along with or enforce any mandates that the left comes up with This is not a vaccine , it does not contain the virus. Break through cases prove this,. The shot contains super ferromagnetic nanoparticles , spike proteins and GOD only knows what else. To be a vaccine by definition it must contain some of the virus so you can build up antibodies , it does not. LIE NO. 1, ( its a vaccine ) , and thats enough .there will not be lie no 2 for me. Do not forget the bird flu, swine flu and how they magically combined. Its not their 1st rodeo and it will not be their last. BE YE WISER THAN THE SERPENT. Seek the truth and ye shall find it. Listen to fools and you will be told a lie .. Dont BLINDLY follow these people. If this shot is so great why would you care if others dont take it. unless the agenda is something else ??????

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