County Employee Linked To Theft From Judge’s Chambers

A Johnston County government employee was arrested Wednesday in connection with a theft reported a day earlier by a district court judge.

Judge Paul Holcombe reported Tuesday that someone had stolen a collectible $2 civil war paper currency from his judicial office inside the Johnston County Courthouse.    The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office, which is in charge of security at the courthouse, took a report and launched an investigation.

Deputies said they determined a custodian had been in Judge Holcombe’s office just prior to the theft.  While questioning the custodian, 43 year-old Amanda Louise Bailey of Smithfield, she reportedly admitted to taking the currency and returned the stolen item.

Bailey was charged with possession of stolen property and larceny. She was released on a $250 bond.

According to county human resource officials, Bailey was hired in October 2017 as a custodian at the courthouse. Her last day on the job was April 9th, the date of the theft. Officials did not say if she was fired or resigned.