Courthouse Gets New Top Dog

On Friday, the Johnston County District Attorney’s Office introduced “Teghan”, the State of North Carolina’s first courthouse facility dog fully funded by local businesses.

The District Attorney’s Office partnered with business leaders throughout the county to purchase Teghan from Knight GoldenDoodles in Clayton.  Local businesses have also contributed funds to cover the cost of the training provided by Kronos K-9.

Assistant District Attorney Jordan Ford will be Teghan’s primary caretaker.

“We are overwhelmed by the tremendous amount of community support we have received in our efforts to make Teghan a part of our office family.  We will be forever grateful to the local businesses that have allowed us to turn this dream into a reality for the citizens of Johnston County,” stated District Attorney Susan Doyle.

“Teghan will be trained to provide assistance to victims and witnesses as they navigate every phase of the criminal justice system in Johnston County. Children, in particular, will benefit from Teghan’s ability to provide emotional support as they confront the tragic details of abuse they have suffered in the past. We hope Teghan can help our office promote justice through compassion by providing comfort and lots of love to those in need,” Doyle said.

Teghan will have four handlers at the courthouse, all employees of the Johnston County District Attorney’s Office. They include (standing left) District Attorney Legal Assistant Sarah Cumbee, Assistant District Attorney Jordan Ford (standing right) and District Attorney Susan I. Doyle. Not pictured: District Attorney Legal Assistant Tommy Ashley.

Johnston County’s first courthouse facility dog is named “Teghan” in memory of Teghan Skiba, the four-year-old tortured and murdered by Jonathan Richardson in 2010.  Richardson is currently on death row in Central Prison.  “After much discussion in our office and with the blessing of Teghan Skiba’s grandparents, we could think of no better way to honor her memory than by naming our newest addition Teghan”, added Doyle.


  1. Wtf a office dog really ? yaw need to wake up Johnston county thats tax money. Instead of dropping gas prices, instead of lowering auto mobile insurances they make them go up. Next thing you know they want to buy Garfield for the social service office wtf yaw doing seriously.

    • Lol. Couple things. Not an office dog. Not one penny used from tax dollars. All private donations. Both things are clear from the article.

    • Bahaha! So now it’s the DA’s office that’s responsible for gas prices and auto ins prices too? Pffff, nevermind IDs to vote, there should be an IQ test… And to drive, breed…….

    • Because they can’t be guaranteed and aren’t hypo-allergenic. Both are must haves for certified therapy dogs that will be working all of the time and be around people with allergies.

      • Golden doodles are not guaranteed to be hypoallergenic. There is really no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog.

        • The guarantee i mentioned has nothing to do with hypoallergenic qualities. The gaurantee has to do with health and life of the dog, hip dysplasia etc. Thats why we couldn’t get a shelter dog. We couldn’t risk spending that kind of money training a dog that didn’t come with some guarantees.
          And yes, no dog is completely hypoallergenic, but a F-1B goldendoodle is about as close as you can get and still have the trainable qualities and personality our victims will need. Much more so than a shelter dog or standard retreiver/labrador.

          • I have allergies and may or may not tolerate a goldendoodle. I’ve never had a problem with poodles, though! They’re the absolute best for allergies. Teghan is a gorgeous dog…I’m sure he’ll be great!

    • I paid over $120 for one of my shelter dogs..and this was in 2008. I’ve never known any shelter that gives away their animals for free. Some animals have sponsors that lower their cost, and I suppose if enough people sponsor a particular animal it could be fully funded.

      That being said, my shelter dog is one of the best dogs I have ever had. I also have another that I adopted from the shelter in Nash County as well as a dog that I purchased from an individual.

      As Bob Barker always said, please remember to spay or neuter your animals.

  2. I personally think this is a great idea. For abused kids, and abused partners. It could help them feel more relaxed.

  3. Wow! Really People?? If it would of been a Chihuahua y’all would have something negative to say about that! It’s something positive for our County and our children among other things! What happened to supporting the good of our Community? Instead would you rather read about Violence against our abused families and drugs? If so maybe you should move to another County while ours is working for the Good!

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