Courthouse Launches New Online Collections And Payments System

Joco News Logo 1Johnston County citizens can now pay probation-related costs, fines and fees online using their credit or debit card with the launch of Online Collections and Payments or OCAP. Online payments are available 24/7 at for supervised and unsupervised probationers with their case file number, the county that issued the charge, and a major credit card, including American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa cards.

“The ability to have citizens take care of fines and court costs, specifically, probation-related costs, online reduces courthouse traffic and improves our customer service,” said Johnston County Clerk of Court, Michelle Ball.  “It is a win for the public and the courts.”

The online payments system provides immediate benefit. While it provides a more convenient payment option for citizens, the system also means less paperwork, less traffic in the courthouse, and shorter lines at the cashier window. Prior to OCAP, citizens had to pay costs, fines, and fees at the courthouse or by mail. In fiscal year 2014 – 15, North Carolina courts processed probation payments totaling more than $14.2 million.

“OCAP is easy to use, more convenient for the public, and more efficient for the state,” said Judge Marion Warren, director of the N.C. Administrative Office of the Courts. “It is a great online tool that is part of the larger ongoing initiative to modernize the North Carolina court system.”

The system is now available in Johnston and all 100 counties statewide. OCAP was piloted in Chatham, New Hanover, and Wake counties prior to statewide implementation on May 31. Probation payments are the first statewide non-traffic citation-related costs available for online payment.

A convenience fee is charged at the time of each card payment and is remitted to a third-party company. NCAOC is working to expand payment options to all criminal cases for release later this year.