Credit Card Skimmer Found On Gas Pump At Benson Area Convenience Store

Authorities are investigating after a credit card skimmer was found on a gasoline pump this week at a Benson area convenience store. It’s the second time this month the illegal device has been found on a fuel pump in the county.

On Tuesday, a state inspector doing a routine check at the Scotchman Store #154 at 12320 Highway 210, near the Interstate 40 interchange, discovered the skimmer on a pump.  The device skims your credit and debit card information when you swipe your card at the pump for payment.  The devices store your name, card number, and card expiration date.    

So far there have been no reports of any financial transaction fraud cases linked back to this skimmer or pump.  However, Captain Jeff Caldwell with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office says it is important to check your bank statements frequently to make sure there aren’t any suspicious transactions.   

On February 9th, an inspector located a skimming device inside a fuel pump at Panthers 11 convenience store at 14632 Highway 50 North, Garner. 

Investigators have not determined if the two devices could be linked to the same suspect or suspects.


    • That’s what I always said. When they go to replace the receipt paper; do a quick inspection. But It might be more complicated than that; so my opinion may be moot.

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