Daughter Charged With Defrauding 80 Year-Old Father

A Johnston County woman has been arrested on 10 felony charges after she allegedly stole money from her own 80 year-old father.

The elderly victim recently reported multiple fraudulent checks had been written on his account.  The man discovered $1,000.59 had been withdrawn from his checking account without his knowledge.

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office opened an investigation and determined the victims daughter, 51 year-old Frances Bowen Pilkington of Middlesex, had allegedly forged five checks. All the checks had been written to Pilkington.

During questioning, she allegedly admitted to taking the money from her father.

Pilkington was arrested July 3rd and charged with five felony counts of obtaining property by false pretenses and five felony counts of identity theft.  She was confined in the Johnston County Jail under a $175,000 bond. As of today (Tuesday) she was still in custody.