Daycare Workers Fired After Video Surfaces

FOUR OAKS – A mother has removed both of her children from a Four Oaks area daycare after video surfaced allegedly showing one teacher drop her son to the ground. A second teacher picks up the child, allegedly shakes and yells at him before dropping him to the ground a second time.

Kristen Price told WRAL she has never had problems with the daycare in the four years her children have attended, but pulled both of them from Aha Moments Learning Center after the video surfaced.

The video was reportedly taken by someone at a nearby construction site who turned the recording over to Price. Price told WRAL she was never contacted by the daycare operator, Christi West, until she posted the video on social media.

We attempted to reach West at Aha Moments Learning Center but our voice message was not returned.

West told WRAL, “We are aware of the video that has been circulating on social media and are incredibly disappointed and angered by its contents. The safety of the children in our care is and always has been our very first priority. Upon learning of the incident, we immediately self reported it to NCDHHS and our county agent. Additionally, the teachers involved in the incident were relieved of their responsibilities.”

Johnston County Report confirmed Friday the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office has received a complaint about the incident and an investigation is ongoing.

According to NC Division of Child Development and Early Education, Aha Moments Daycare has had prior violations. In a 2020 visit, the operator was found to be in violation after not scheduling or obtaining a fire inspection within 12 months of the previous inspection, and the operator did not submit the original approved report to the state within one week of the inspection visit.

Food substitution was not of comparable food value or recorded on the menu prior to the meal or snack being served. An individual feeding plan was not provided by the child’s parent or heath care provider or was not followed or posted. The feeding schedules were not posted as required.

All staff did not successfully completed certification in First Aid appropriate to the age of children in care, according to the 2020 inspection report. All staff did not successfully complete CPR training as required.

Some of the violations were corrected during the unannounced Feb. 2020 visit. Others were completed later than month.


      • They make more than minimum wage, and not having money isn’t an excuse for abusing children. Excuses don’t excuse.

  1. AND this is why my babies don’t go to daycare that is a shame that innocent baby I wish somebody would she needs to be FIRED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That baby could of got hurt

  2. Wowwww. I am a childcare teacher and this is very disturbing. Not one teacher but two neglected that child’s needs all within one minute. And the other two girls sat and stood there as if they were doing nothing wrong. To me that means it always happens all four need to be terminated. Even if the two other girls didn’t say anything they could of offered to help with the child. And then notified the director. My saying is if you can’t do it infront of the parent without them feeling like your neglecting or abusing their child u should not be doing it. So sad center needs to be on probation.

  3. Why are they not being charged with neglect, endangerment, and abuse? And the other two…why are they not fired and charged with endangerment?! Just sweep it under the rug with terminations? No!!! And to the person above speaking on minimum wage, NO EXCUSE TO ABUSE A CHILD! That thinking is just sick!!!!!

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