Deputies Say Flasher Exposed Himself Again

A flashing suspect awaiting trial on charges he exposed himself to a woman working the drive thru window at a Johnston County McDonald’s is accused of returning to the same business and exposing himself again.

Silvio Rodriguez, 24, of Beaver Creek Drive, Benson was arrested Saturday, May 26th in connection with a Saturday, May 19th incident at McDonald’s on Highway 210 near Interstate 40 outside of Benson.

Rodriguez placed an order at the drive thru and when he pulled up to the window to pay he allegedly exposed himself to a female worker.

In September 2017, Rodriguez was arrested after he went to the same business and placed a drive thru order for beverages. When he pulled up to the window to pay he exposed himself to a female McDonald’s worker then drove away, according to deputies.  Later, he allegedly admitted to officers he was at McDonald’s but denied exposing himself.

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office arrested Rodriguez on Saturday for the second indecent exposure at the same McDonald’s. At last report, Rodriguez was still in the Johnston County Jail under a $5,000 bond.

Rodriguez is still awaiting trial on the first indecent exposure incident from last September.  He was released on a $1,000 bond after his first arrest in 2017. His court date on the charge has been postponed three times according to court records, most recently last week. His new court date on the first offense is now set for August 15th.