Deputies Seize Guns From Former Police Chief

Several guns and ammunition were taken from the home of former Newton Grove Police Chief Everett Franklin “Frankie” Harrell following a domestic dispute with his wife last week.

Harrell, the 14 year police chief in Newton Grove, was arrested Nov. 28th after his wife called 911 alleging she had been assaulted by her husband.  Harrell resigned from his job as police chief on Monday night prior to the start of a special called meeting of the Newton Grove Town Council to discuss his fate.

Harrell sent a text message to town attorney Lew Starling Monday afternoon saying he was resigning immediately but indicated his resignation was not an indication of guilt on the domestic assault charge, which he plans to fight in court.

WTSB News has learned Harrell’s wife was issued a Domestic Violence Protection Order against her husband on Nov. 29th. The order was served on Mr. Harrell on Nov. 30th.

As part of the order, deputies seized all the weapons and ammunition from Harrell’s home in the Bentonville community south of Four Oaks.  The weapons seized including two 22 caliber rifles, a 40 caliber pistol and a 38 caliber pistol.

The temporarily restraining order served on the former police chief gives temporary custody of the couple’s two children, ages 2 and 11, to his wife.  The order prohibits Mr. Harrell from going to any place his wife or children may be located, including her employment and the children’s daycare or school, and not to make contact with them except through an attorney.  The order further prohibits him from possessing or purchasing a firearm.

The temporary restraining order is set to expire on December 9 unless the courts issue a permanent restraining order prior to that time.