Deputy Helps Citizen Who Walks To Work

A Nash County Sheriff’s Office deputy has become a citizen’s best friend after he coordinated with a national chain store and was able to get a bike for a local citizen who normally walks over 12 miles to and from work.

Sergeant Scott Bass said he saw Jaylesya Corbett walking from her home in the Stone Gate Mobile Home Community to her job at Bojangles in Nashville.  There were instances he would see Jaylesya Corbett walking while it snowed and rained during her 6.1 mile one-way walk to work.

When Sergeant Bass would often see Jaylesya walking to work and he wasn’t on a call he would drive her to work so she wouldn’t have to endure the elements. He even went as far as communicating to other sheriff’s office employees to stop and help her out should they see her walking to and from her job.

On Monday, Sergeant Scott Bass reached out to the manager of the Wal-Mart store in Nashville, Iris Pierce, about Jaylesyat’s lengthy trip.  Pierce donating an adult bike in order to help Jaylesya.

“I wanted to help Jaylesya because she walks six miles to work every day regardless of the temperature, rain or shine, stands on her feet during her entire shift, and walks six miles under the same conditions back to her home and that is truly admirable. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know her and wanted somehow to lessen her burden of that 12-mile (roundtrip) walk,” said Bass.

Sergeant Bass delivered the brand new Schwinn Fairhaven Women’s Cruiser Bike to Jaylesya.

When Sgt Bass pulled up, Jaylesya was at first caught off guard and thought something was wrong. But when Sergeant Bass told her she was now the owner of a new bike to help travel to work, she became ecstatic.

“I was truly humbled by Sergeant Bass’ efforts when he asked if it was ok to help Jaylesya and to see the happiness and joy he brought to her by his actions,” said Nash County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Brandon Medina. “Great job, Sergeant Bass!”