DOT Needs Your Input On Potholes

DOT PotholesPotholes are a major issue across the state for the NC Department of Transportation. With 80,000 miles of state-maintained roads across 100 counties, it’s a problem the agency is asking the public to help battle.

The DOT has just launched a new  pothole web page on its site. It explains what causes potholes, shows the difference between a pothole and other road issues, describes how DOT crews fix potholes, and the steps taken to prevent them from happening in the first place. There is also a link to the “DOT Report” site that launched in January for citizens to report potholes and other maintenance issues on state roads. Citizens can go online or simply call the customer service number at 1-800-368-4968 to report their concern.

Using the online system, a citizen just fills out a web-based form with specifics about the issue. That information goes into the department’s Citizen Action Request System and is routed directly to the appropriate county maintenance that will handle the repair, getting the information faster than with the previous process.
Click Here To Report A Pothole.

A two-day turnaround goal has been set for pothole fixes, 10 business days for other safety-related concerns, and 15 days for problems where there is not a safety concern. NCDOT Photo