Driver Arrested For DWI In Liquor Store Parking Lot

A 34 year-old man was arrested for allegedly driving while impaired in the parking lot of the Selma ABC Store.

Around 2:30am Sunday, a Selma police officer was on routine patrol on Highway 301 and spotted a work van stationary in the ABC store parking lot, which was closed for the night.  Several minutes later the officer drove past the business and the van was still sitting stationary in the parking lot with the motor running.

Police said they made contact with the driver to make sure everything was okay.  After approaching the van the driver, identified as Juan Rosales Felix of Raleigh, reportedly had a blank stare on his face and a strong odor of alcohol.  The officer said he asked Felix where he was going and he replied, “two minutes.”

Felix failed a field sobriety test at the scene and at the Selma police station refused to submit to a breathalyzer exam.

He was transported to the Johnston County Jail where he formally charged with DWI and held under a $5,000 bond.