Driver Ticketed After Police Obtain Video Of Crash

SMITHFIELD – A teen driver was ticketed by Smithfield Police after officers were able to obtain video of the crash refuting the details he gave.  On August 25th at 6:42pm, police said a 2018 Chevrolet passenger car ran off Peedin Road in the sharp curve at Component Drive behind the Outlet Center. 

Officers said the 17 year-old driver reported a deer ran in front of his car forcing him to steer to the right to avoid hitting the deer. The car then landed in a ditch.  Police said the driver did not want an accident report filed but after speaking with his mother on the phone, the owner of the vehicle, she requested a collision report be taken.

According to the collision report, police obtained video of the single vehicle accident from a nearby business. The video clearly indicated there were no deer present at the time of the crash.  Based on the video, police said the driver was exceeding a safe speed when he entered the sharp curve and ran off the roadway as a result.

The teen was cited for an unsafe movement violation. Damage to his mother’s car was estimated at $5,000.  No injuries were reported.


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