For The Second Time In Less Than A Year Police Seize Drugs From Downtown Business

Storefront of 120 S. Raiford Street in Downtown Selma

A Selma business owner arrested in 2017 after attracting the attention of police because he was walking around in his store at 4:00 o’clock in the morning wearing only his underwear is facing new charges.

Around 5:00am last Tuesday, July 10th, a Selma police officer was on foot patrol in Downtown Selma. While the officer was walking by 120 S. Raiford Street, he reportedly detected an odor of burnt marijuana emitting from the business.

Around Noon that day, police returned with a search warrant to look for possible narcotics. A female was spotted inside the locked business but refused to come to the door.   When police began to make forcible entry she unlocked a gate on the door.

Police detained the woman, Michelle Ramirez, 27, and another male found inside, Michael D. Cebollero, 26, who both listed their address as 120 S. Raiford Street.

During a search of the business police said they found 4.8 ounces of marijuana in a toilet.  Four handguns and two handgun-rifles were found in a bedroom area.

In October 2017, a police officer was performing building checks and spotted a man, later identified as Cebollero, walking around in the same store wearing only his underwear. Stopping to make sure everything was okay, police said they detected an overwhelming odor of marijuana when Cebollero opened the door. Inside police found a total of 368 grams of marijuana.    Cebollero allegedly told police he was the owner of a comic book store and was doing inventory of comic books and movie figurines.

Cebollero was arrested on a felony drug charges after the October incident. In December 2017, the felony drug charge was dropped in exchange for a plea to a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge.  Cebollero was ordered to pay a fine and he was placed on unsupervised probation for 12 months.

Following his July 10th arrest, Cebollero was charged with felony possession of marijuana and felony obstruction of justice.  Ramirez was charged with the same offenses.  Both were released on $10,000 bonds.

On his latest arrest report, Cebollero was listed as being the owner of a comic book store at 120 S. Raiford.

According to Selma Town Manager Elton Daniels, the Town of Selma has no records on file regarding the property operating as a business and no permit has been obtained to operate.  Daniels said there are no current zoning or ordinance violations or related issues at the present time with the property at 120. S. Raiford Street.