Four Oaks Will Become A Railroad Quiet Zone

The Town of Four Oaks will become a Railroad Quiet Zone.  Effective at 12:01am Wednesday, March 3rd, trains will no longer be blowing horns as they approach and travel through Town.

According to the town’s Facebook page, Baker Street, Main Street and Church Street railroad crossings meet all Federal Railroad Administration regulations to be a Quiet Zone.  All three crossings have quad gates with power outage safety indicators.

Four Oaks officials urge everyone to pay close attention to the railroad tracks. For walkers, pay attention to the gate crossings. You should always look before crossing the tracks.


  1. lololol – because this is going to end well. It may take a month or three years but this stupidity is going to be regretted.

  2. This was not in the best interest of Four Oaks safety. I have sat at these rr crossings hours and noticed that sometimes the gates are not always fully down by the time the train reaches the first crossing at church at. This is a tragedy waiting to happen.

  3. Yikes! Tons of trains going through there at varying speeds. The gates close at one speed though: SLOW. But then again, the speed limit is slow downtown too…. But better safe than sorry… I dunno.

  4. I read an article by CXS that any city or town requesting a quite zone is responsible for the cost of the new gates which could exceed over $200,000.00 /crossing. I would like to hear a response from the town officials. Actually I still hear several trains blowing daily.

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